Friday, April 3, 2009

Bird Scouts...

My daughter, G-girl, LOVES nature.  Just loves it!  She has often borrowed her Daddy's binoculars to watch things off of the back deck, looking for birds or deer or even wild turkeys (I guess those are birds also, just not the pretty kind).  My parents, whom are native Californians, absolutely love all the different varieties of birds we have here in Indiana.  They feed them daily, have a bird book to identify when they see a new one and spend a lot of time learning about them.  G-girl spends a lot of her time there helping feed the birds, making bird houses and using the binoculars and book to identify the birds she sees.  

Because of this interest that they share, my parents got her her own bird identification book, binoculars and birding journal for her 5th birthday last fall.  The girl carries those items around with her religiously. She can name just about any bird she sees and will often come to me describing a certain bird for me to look up. A few weeks ago she came to me and told me that if I put some money in her bucket she was carrying around, I could be in her club. The Bird Scouts.   I am not sure where she came up with the name but I was pretty impressed.  She had her birding journal and a pen and showed me where to sign ...after  I put my money in the bucket.  

She has it all planned out, her club that is, she has a basket full of items she might need for a Bird Scout meeting.  The bird book, binoculars, pens, paper, my money and other random little objects that would fit in her fruit basket.  I asked her what we, as Bird Scouts, were going to do in our club.  We are going to look at birds and draw them. Talk about birds and do fun stuff.  The only problem I have seen so far is that she didn't make anyone else pay to be in the club.  

Now on to the reason I am telling you about it here on the design blog.  She has been requesting a Bird Scout tag.  Lucky for her I had a customer request a bird and owl tag....

Poor girl had to wait until a customer requested something similar before her mean ol' mama would make here one!! If the owl looks familiar, she is from my Hoot Hoot design down below!!

Anyone want to be an honorary Bird Scout?